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  • Students who need 10 credits to graduate and have not passed the CAHSEE will need to sign a contract to attend Senior Summer School in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. They will receive a diploma cover or a "blank note" when they walk.
  • Students who do not pass the CAHSEE until after high school, but complete required course work, will be able to particpate in the graduation ceremony receiving a certificate of completion (BP 6146.1)
  • Students who owe money for fines/books, etc. are allowed to particpate in the ceremony but their diplomas will not be released until they pay. They will get either a diploma cover or a "blank note" when they walk.
  • Pregnant students can participate in the ceremony if they have met all graduation requirements.
  • Special Education students are allowed to participate in the ceremony. SDC students get a certificate of completion; RSP students may get either a diploma or a certificate of completion. Special Education students do not have to pass the CAHSEE in order to receive a certificate of completion. RSP students may be required to attend Senior Summer School. (Refer to IEP for specifications)
Graduation Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements/High School Exit Examination

Students shall receive diplomas of graduation from high school only after completing the prescribed course of study and passing the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in language arts (reading and writing), and mathematics. Students must pass the CAHSEE and meet all other graduation requirements to receive a diploma.

Students who do not pass the CAHSEE until after high school, but complete required course work while in high school shall received a diploma from the District High School at which they completed required course work and all other graduation requirements. These students will be able to participate in the graduation ceremony receiving a certificate of course completion.

The prescribed course of study for students in grades 9-12 is indicated below:

Graduation Requirements

Course Credits Required Number Of Years Required
English 40 Credits 4 Years
Social Studies 30 Credits 3 Years
Mathematics 20 Credits 2 Years
Science 20 Credits 2 Years
Physical Education  20 Credits 2 Years
Fine Arts/World Language 10 Credits 1 Year
Driver Education/Health 5 Credits 1/2 Year
Practical Arts/Comp Ed 5 Credits 1/2 Year
Electives 60 Credits N/A
Total Required Core Total Elective Credits Total Graduation Requirements
150 Credits 60 Credits 210 Credits